365 FRAMES 2015: Day 143 – Nebula Maker & Star Maker

Only Olaf Stapledon would have the imagination to suggest that a cloud could possess sentience and could be a part of a vaster cosmic community of nebulae who go about searching for their purpose in the universe, only to discover that their endeavours are all in folly.

Nebula Maker comprises the initial section of an early draft of what Stapledon would later mould into his seminal and vastly more expansive work Star Maker. As Nebula Maker and its tale of the nebulae of the cosmos is in many ways very different to its later reconfigured version in Star Maker, Nebula Maker can very much be considered as its own piece, operating almost as a “what if” alternative to Stapledon’s imaginings in Star Maker.

Star Maker (and its earlier Nebula Maker draft version) is the the type of work that stands as a great testament to the breadth and brilliance of the human imagination and considering it was written by one person, in his spare time, decades before we had sent the first satellite into space and is able to tell its thought adventure in less than three hundred pages, it should make every religious text VERY worried – Star Maker gives them all a serious run for their money and their authenticity!

Star Maker is nothing less than a speculative history of the full evolution of the universe, a consideration all of the alternative forms of life and many worlds that could exist therein and then, just when you think it can not possibly hypothesize on anything more, it jumps out of our space-time continuum into an extended odyssey that considers the many possibilities of what could exist beyond our universe in a infinite array of other universes and, ultimately, we reach a supreme conclusion in a reflection on the nature of the great Star Maker who who might just preside over all.

Basically – one of the most important books that ever been written!


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