“Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it, don’t wait for it. Just let it happen…”

– Dale Cooper, ‘Twin Peaks’

The primary purpose of this project was to lay down a slice of my life; as well as exercise and refine my filmmaking habit by making a video a day (more or less) for a whole year…

“It is easy for critics to make cruel fun of individual acts of creativity – how is that little YouTube video, or drawing, or specialist blog, or knitted toy, going to make a meaningful difference in the world? But that is to make the mistake of looking at a tiny stone and denying that it could be part of a magnificent mountain. The significance of the small, shared creative acts is not so much in each item, but in what they build up to represent: a growing number of people finding their voice, and discovering ways to amplify that voice using the power of a sympathetic network.”

– David Gauntlett, ‘Media Studies 2.0 and other battles around the future of media research’, location: 1300-1333

There is also a precursor to this project, 366 FRAMES 2012, and here’s a summative video about it…

You can find out about me on my personal portfolio website, Pete Be Creative

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